Hampstead Organic Energy Chai Loose Pouch 3.53 Ounces/100g


Our Biochai biodynamic tea is spiced with exotic organic spices from the east. Based on a traditional Indian recipe, where chai is drunk throughout the day as a creamy cafe latte type drink, Biochai is a rich, fragrant, intense tea that will revive you, It is delicious both hot and iced as the specially created blend of organic spices are selected for their piquant qualities. The spices come from carefully nurtured organic farms where sustainability and ethical practices go hand in hand.

The world has been enjoying tea for more than 5,000 years. But only since 1995 has biodynamic, Fairtrade certified tea been available. That year in Hampstead, a famous London hillside village known as a breeding ground for progressive ideas, Hampstead Tea started to package special teas from a special place.


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