We can help you select the right lamb or proven ewe to meet your flock goals that set you up for a happy and rewarding shepherding experience.

Point of View Farm lambs can be registered with the Finnsheep Breeders Association. All our lambs are purebred finnsheep. 

We have a strict criteria for what constitutes a Point of View Farm breeding quality finnsheep lamb. It is about more than simply meeting a breed standard or carrying a pedigree. It is about getting a finnsheep that represents the very best traits the breed has to offer, so your finnsheep venture is set up for success.

The Point of View Farm Finnsheep represent proven performance and efficiency. Our breeding stock lambs all have wonderful fleece, proven dams and high rates of gain. We do not sell any lamb we would not add to our own flock for breeding ourselves. The Point of View Farm flock is lab tested regularly to be sure the flock remains are free of any hidden diseases (as it has always been). We have never had a positive result.  Ask us for test results, we are happy to share them. 

We are always available post purchase to help you in any way we can with your Point of View Farm sheep.

To place a reservation for a lamb or starter flock please contact us with your flock goals and desires. Non refundable deposits are $300.


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