Welcome to the Point of View Farm Finnsheep Ewes.  These ewes are selected for proven performance and profitability.  Each Point of View Farm Finnsheep ewe is selected and continually evaluated for many traits including: mild temperament, exceptional wool quality, fast rates of gain in her lambs, mothering instincts, ability to raise lambs unassisted, parasite resilience and structural conformation. Point of View Farm Finnsheep genetics are producing in all facets of the sheep industry (dairy, meat and wool) all across the country.

Under the photo of each ewe, we have included as much of her color genotype as known (or suspected) and her lambing record. A mature Point of View Farm Finnsheep ewe weighs 130-175 pounds. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

New Ewes, not yet photographed


The 2017, 2018 and 2019 ewe additions (all bred and born at Point of View Farm) need their photos added. They are coming. All these ewes were bred and born at Point of View Farm. The 2017 additions are SaffronQQ, Black RoseQQ, MochaQQ, OlympiaQR and OliviaRR. The 2018 additions are BelleQR, AuroraQR, HazelQR, SierraQR and MatildaRR. The 2019 added ewes are PearlQR, GraceQR, RhodaQQ, and WhisperQQ

Ajax the Ewe

Jade QR 2016


2016 black based blue/ badgerface ewe. She is a quad out of Tuuli by Jrkri. She is QR for scrapie resistance and carries a brown color gene as well. Beautiful dark fleece on Jade with a long staple that hand spinners love. We did not breed her to lamb in 2017. In 2018 she had triplets for her first lambing. Excellent mother with lots of milk for her lambs. Jade has only needed to be conventionally dewormed once since she was born.

Carolina the Ewe

Carolina 2016


2016 black based blue/ badgerface ewe. Carolina is a triplet out of the amazing Sylvi sired by Klaus. The luster on this ewe is stunning and likely inherited from her sire who also displayed this trait. Her friendly greet you temperament make her a farm favorite. Her lambing record is 2,3.

Carshena the Ewe

Carshena 2016


2016 brown ewe. Carshena is a quad out of Betula and sired by Chai, one of our foundation rams. Her lamb fleece was the shearer’s choice when shorn and that lamb fleece took 2nd place at Maryland Sheep and Wool in the Finnsheep category in 2017.
Outstanding fleece runs in this bloodline. Carshena’s dam, Betula, was a 1st place ribbon winner there in 2015. Lambing record 1,2.

Jace QR 2016


2016 white quad ewe. Jace is out of Iris sired by Jyrki. She is confirmed QR for scrapie resistance. Her fleece is a dense, poof of beautiful wool.
She displays a strong pheomelanin hue to her face which give her the strawberry blond look. She carries for a brown gene. At her first lambing in 2018, she had twins which she is raising with ease due to her large well formed udder. This ewe has also never needed deworming as of February 2020.

Jacey Juno QR 2016


2016 Jacey Juno is a large white ewe. She is a triplet out of Ingrid sired by Jorma. She is confirmed QR for scrapie resistance and carries a brown color gene. Her beautiful conformation makes her a stand out in a crowd. Nice broad shoulders and hips on this ewe.
Her lambing record is 2,4. Jace has been sold to another farm to continue in a Valais Blacknose sheep upbreeding program. We are thrilled to see our genetics in that important project to bring the lovely VBN sheep to the United States.

Ona the ewe

Ona 2016


2016 black based blue/ badgerface quad ewe.She is out of Zirconia and sired by Bowie. at her 2018 shearing her fleece was the shearer’s favorite.Full of luster, dense fleece and nice long staple too.
Her dam Zirconia is one of the POV finer fleeced bloodlines and always produces lambs with amazing wool qualities.
Ona carries for a brown gene as well.She has never needed any deworming her entire life so far. Her lambing record is 2,1.

Sapphire a lovely ewe at finnsheep.net

Sapphire 2012


2012 Brown Agouti Blue (aka badgerface) twin genotype Albl Aa Bb Bb lambing record: 2,3,1,3,3,1.  Great ewe with an exceptional fleece FULL of luster and length.  Sapphire is an excellent ewe with a strong conformation.  Fast gaining lambs from this ewe are no doubt due to her great milk production. Sapphire is now retired here at Point of View Farm as is available to sponsor if you want to take care of her in her senior years.

Janis the ewe

Janis QR 2015


2015 Quad Black Piebald / Agouti Blue (aka badgerface) ewe. Janis is Jyrki x Kalmia. Wow, did those two come together to produce one of the finest fleeced finnsheep I have ever had the privilege of seeing. Can you say fine micron? Janis is confirmed QR for scrapie resistance.She is the dam of the outstanding ram, Jackson, who sired many 2017 lambs with super nice wool as well.Lambing record 1,3,3. Janis has been sold to a neighboring farm to carry on in a Gotland breeding program. Her lambs will no doubt be amazing there as they were here.

Nancy ewe point of view farm

Nancy QR 2015


2015 Triplet Brown based Agouti Blue (aka badgerface) ‘Nancy’. Oh, this ewe is easy on the eyes and FULL of luster. Not only do we like all the amazing fleece she grows but, we are very proud of her strong conformation.Wide and long.She is also QR for scrape resistance. This is a great ewe out of Tuuli sired by Leif.Lambing record 1,3,3.

JoanJett a sporty ewe at Point of View Farm

Joan Jett QR 2015


2015 Black Agouti Blue (aka badgerface) quint genotype: Abl Ax Bb B?  Joan Jett is Lady Grey x Jyrki. Joan Jett reminds us so much of her outstanding dam, Lady Grey. Strong top line, friendly attitude and a winner fleece. She is confirmed QR at codon 171 for scrapie resistance as well.   Lambing record: 2,4,4. Joan Jett has been sold to a neighboring farm for use in a Gotland breeding program. We are thrilled her can contribute her amazing genetics for that project.

Jackie the ewe at finnsheep.net

Jackie QR 2015


2015 Black Based Agouti Blue (aka badgerface) twin. Jackie is Jyrki x Brownie and is confirmed QR at codon 171 for scrapie resistance. Gorgeous fleece and nice topline on this young ewe.Brownie, her dam, has been a strong influence on our ewe flock due to her outstanding maternal instincts. Lambing record: 2,4,2.

Sapphire a lovely ewe at finnsheep.net

Sapphire 2012


2012 Brown Agouti Blue (aka badgerface) twin genotype Albl Aa Bb Bb lambing record: 2,3,1,3,3,1.  Great ewe with an exceptional fleece FULL of luster and length.  Sapphire is an excellent ewe with a strong conformation.  Fast gaining lambs from this ewe are no doubt due to her great milk production.

Blondie the ewe

Blondie 2015


Description available soon

Sandy a ewe at finnhseep.net

Sandy 2015


2015 White triplet ewe sired by Chai out of Janna. It is no surprise this is a big ewe considering her parents are some of the largest finnsheep at POV farm. Genotype: Awt A? Bb B? Lambing record, 2,1,2.

Brown Cow the ewe

Brown Cow 2014


2014 Brown Piebald. Brown Cow has big round spots on her just like a cow (which you can just faintly see in her photo here). The tips of her brown wool areas sun fade and the white wool gets a little dirty.She starts to look uniform in color from a distance until you look closely.She passes this round edge spotting pattern along to some of her lambs too. She is a great wool producer from Tapio x Onyx. BOTH her parents were exceptional fine micron sheep.She has a more typical crimped fleece however, her luster and handle make her fleece a stand out and she passes wonderful fleece uniformity onto her lambs.Additionally,she lives up to the ‘cow’ part of her name as an ultra milky ewe whom we often milk for our personal use as she has such a plentiful amount. Lambing record: 1,4,1,4.

Ingrid a fancy ewe finnsheep.net

Ingrid 2014


2014 Triplet brown Agouti Light Blue ewe. Ingrid is Villa x Sapphire. She sports a fleece that is so full of luster, you KNOW she is something special. Great size, mothering and structure on this ewe.  I wish I had lots more just like her. Lambing record:1,3,2,4.

Maarika the dark ewe

Maarika 2014


2014 Black based Agouti Blue( aka badgerface) triplet ewe that carries the brown color gene as well. Maarika is a strong well set ewe with an outstanding shoulder. She produces a very dark fleece that is the envy of all. She also has such amazing milk production you might think she was a dairy goat! Her teats are the type desired by those wishing to hand milk.Lambing record: unbred,4,5,6. Marikka has been sold.

Helka the sassy ewe

Helka 2014


2014 Brown Twin ewe ‘Helka’. She is sired by Villa out of Kalmia.  Those are two amazing fleeced parents and Helka did not disappoint. She is a VERY fine micron finnsheep! Her Dam Kalmia also produced Janis, another fine micron ewe in the POV flock. Helka’s lambing record is 1,1,3, not bred 2018.Each lambing her offspring have had the same very fine crimpy wool she has regardless of the ram she is bred to.Helka is available to purchase.A great addition to any flock that wants fine crimpy Point of View Farm bloodlines.

Sylvi a dark and sultry ewe at finnsheep.net

Sylvi 2014


2014 Triplet Black Agouti Blue (aka badgerface) ewe, Sylvi. Sired by Markuu out of Betula.  Genotype Abl Aa BB Bb. Lambing record of 2,3,2,3. Long dark grey fleece with a great strong shoulder and top line. We love the deep color variations in her fleece. She is a brown gene carrier.

Gunnhild the Ewe

Gunnhild 2014 Retired


2014 Brown Quint ewe, Gunnhild.  Genotype:Aa Ax Bb Bb. Gunnhild is Hawthorn x Citrine. Citrine was known for her even consistent brown fleece. It was featured in the Spinners Notebook of what a finn fleece should be like. She passed this amazing wool quality and crimp onto Gunnhild who took Reserve Grand Champion Finnsheep Fleece at the 2016 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. She is a deep brown color that fades to lighter tips, excellent milky mother and fiber producer extraordinaire. Lambing record: unbred,4,3. Gunnhild is retired from the Point of View Farm breeding program. Her bloodline remains available here.

Tuuli a friendly ewe at Point of View Farm

Tuuli 2013


2013 Brown triplet ewe Tuuli. Tuuli is sired by Hawthorn out of Thuja. Her lambing record is 2,3,4,4,2. Great dam and amazing fleece. Like many Hawthorn sired lambs, her fleece is lightening with age while her legs and face are not. Thuja, her dam, is known for her exceptional mothering and friendly attitude. Hawthorn put a nice fleece onto this ewe. We are happy to have her continue these outstanding bloodlines in our flock. She is an excellent attentive mother who makes being a shepherd look easy. Tuuli was retired after her 2019 lambing season but remains on for wool production here at Point of View Farm. She is available for sponsorship to anyone who wants to support a senior ewe.

Jaana ewe Point of View Farm

Jaana 2013


2013 White Triplet ewe, Janna. Spot x Tuuli. Outstanding size and length on this ewe with the addition of a fabulous fleece and a ridiculous amount of milk production.I’m not kidding about her udder.If you want a sheep to milk, this bloodline might be just for you. Her sire was an exceptionally fast growing and great fleeced fella too.All shepherds want a whole flock just like Janna. Please don’t mind her dirty face. Our flock is raised on pastures and they do get a bit dirty now and then…nothing the next rainstorm will not rinse out. Mature weight 175 pounds. Lambing record: 2,3,3,3,4.

Eeva the finnsheep at Point of View Farm

Eeva 2013


2013 Brown Twin. Genotype: Ag Ax Bb Bb. Eeva is Hawthorn x Sequoia. Some great bloodlines in this ewe.  She is unusual in that her fleece is a light brown, almost fawn however, her face and legs have not diluted like a typical fawn sheep would. She produces an amazing light tan fleece that is always scooped up by a hand spinner shortly after shearing. Excellent top line/ structure and exceptional mother. Lambing record: 2,3,2,2,3.

Iris the soft ewe finnsheep.net

Iris 2013


2013 Brown Triplet ewe.

Iris is Hawthorn x Maple.  Iris spent her first year at a neighboring farm with Lily keeping a llama company.  Iris came back to POV Farm as a yearling once her llama friend passed on and we were delighted to reintroduce her genetics. Hawthorn, her sire, was an amazing ram from Minnesota closely related to bloodlines directly from Finland. Lambing record: unbred,3,4,3,3,3

Zirconia the glimmering ewe at finnsheep.net

Zirconia 2012


2012 White Triplet ewe out of Lumi x Juniper. Juniper was quite a sire and threw the most amazing fine fleece onto Zirconia. Year after year she has a consistent fine micron fleece AND she raises exceptional lambs with her outstanding milk production. She produces so much milk we use the extra milk some for farm products like sheep milk soaps well into the fall. Great length and depth on this ewe which she passes along to her lambs. Lambing record: unbred,3,4,4,3,3,4.

Betula a kind ewe at finnsheep.net

Betula 2011


2011 White quad.

Genotype: Awt Aa BB Bb lambing record: 1,3,3,4,4,4,4.

This ewe produced the Grand Champion Finnsheep Fleece at the 2016 Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. In 2016, Finnsheep were the featured breed there and so there was some tough competition and lots of soft nice lamb fleeces but, Betula’s 5 year old fleece took home the ribbon!Not only does she produce award winning fleeces but, she also has large fast growing lambs. Her mature weight is about 175#. She still displays a nice good topline after 23 lambs produced! This ewe is a well known greeter and also a flock leader guiding the way from one pasture to the next. We are saddened to tell you that Betula passed away in early 2020. We gave her a comfortable retirement with lots of attention and treats. I’m thrilled that her bloodline continues on here. Her daughters Sylvi and Carshena are still with us as well as generations farther out. This ewe helped establish fine wool in our flock.

Sequoia a soft ewe at Point of view Farm

Sequoia 2011


2011 Brown Agouti Blue (aka brown badgerface) twin genotype: Alb Aa Bb Bb.Sequoia is just an outstanding dam.Year after year she produces fast growing lambs and milk to spare.Her fleece is long stapled with high luster and seems to shed hay (a quality we love).Lambing record: 1,2,2,1,3,2,2,1,not bred, Sequoia has been sold.

Sassafras the pretty ewe at point of view farm

Sassafras 2011


2011 Brown Twin By Chai out of Pekoe

Genotype: Aa A? Bb Bb, silver gene

Lambing record: 2,1,3,3,3,2,3.

Sassafras is a fabulous mother with an excellent temperament. LONG staple wool. This is a ewe that we can shear 2x a year instead of one.Year after year this ewe continues to perform well and produce a great fleece.She is just an outstanding ewe who weaned heavy fast growing lambs.That is the advantage of great genetics. Chai, her sire, was the senior ram at POV farm for many years.He was the picture of a strong correct finn ram.Sassafras is known for her friendly nature and may be the one that greets you if you visit the farm on one of our tours. Sassafras is retired and available for sponsorship. Her fleece was part of the 2019 Sheep to Shawl competition at the New York State Sheep and Wool festival.

Olive a beautiful ewe at point of view farm

Olive QR 2011


2011 Black Agouti Blue (aka badgerface) triplet.  Olive is QR for scrapie resistance.Cinnamon x Aiti.

Genotype: Albl Aa? BB Bb.  Olive won First place at the 2017 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival for her 6 year old fleece!This is a ewe with wool that is only getting nicer as she ages!This ewe has a plentiful udder with fast growing lambs year after year.Lambing record: 2,3,3,4,2,4,4.That is 22 lambs! Olive is retired and will spend the rest of her days at Point of View Farm. If you want to sponsor Olive, she has a very special grey fleece.

Lady Grey ewe finnsheep.net

Lady Grey 2010


2010 Black Agouti Blue (aka badgerface) twin.

Genotype: Alb Aa BB Bb.  Lambing record: 1,2,4,3,5.

Lady Grey is now retired from breeding to be a wool producer. She is currently the oldest sheep on the farm and hold s special place in our hearts.  Keep an eye out for her fleece.  It is one of the most requested due to it’s dark charcoal grey color.

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