Point of View Farm is home to a flock of purebred registered Finnsheep that rotationally graze on our lush pastures filled with native and planted varieties of grasses, legumes and herbs. Finnsheep are a multi-purpose heritage breed of sheep that are well known for their versatility and efficiency in wool, meat and even dairy production. The breed is naturally polled (no horns) and lambs are born with short tails that do not require docking/ banding.

The Point of View Farm Finnsheep flock has been genetically selected for high quality soft crimpy wool with high luster. They have strong maternal qualities, parasite resilience and premium lean tender meat from lambs with fast rates of gain. Point of View Farm Finnsheep are social and friendly with an easy to handle temperament. All this makes them a well suited choice for many operations.  Genetics matter and we stand behind our breeding stock with solid replacement guarantees as we are so confident of their ability.

The Point of View Farm Finnsheep flock is full of rare naturally colored genetics. We offer lambs and fleece in white, light brown, dark brown, fawn (like vanilla creme), black, faded black, light/ dark greys and patterns including piebald and badgerface (also known as agouti blue and agouti light blue). We hope to be importing finnsheep ram lines directly from overseas in the future for valuable new genetic diversity in the US. The original finnsheep from Finland, where the breed originated, were imported to the United States nearly 50 years ago. Currently, Point of View Farm Finnsheep is maintaining a biosecure flock so we can offer the healthiest lambs you can buy.

Point of View Farm is a member of the Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Growers Association that organizes the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY each fall where we proudly attend as Vendors in the lower level of the Horticulture Building, building 22, space D3.  We are also members of The American Finnsheep Breeders Association,  The Natural Colored Wool Growers Association Association,The American Sheep Industry and The Maryland Sheep Breeders Association that organizes the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival the first weekend in May. You will find us at that festival in the Main exhibition hall vendor space C26.

  We are very proud to be members of the Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association (NOFA).  Point of View Farm maintains commitments to a broad set of principles that go far beyond most certification programs by addressing labor issues, community values and marketing as well as how the animals are fed (no GMO’s). All our farm practices also meet the standards for Humanely Raised although we are not certified as such.

We strive to breed lambs true to the Finnsheep breed standard with excellent health, confirmation, maternal instincts and high quality wool that are hearty and easy to care for with minimal extra inputs. At Point of View Farm, we have very high health and breeding selection criteria. We only select the very best genetics and individuals to be used/sold as breeding stock. Furthermore, our flock is enrolled in the USDA scrapie export program as NY120 with annual USDA inspections and routine yearly testing and sampling to verify the health of the flock and absence of scrapie.

Our entire flock (every single sheep, not just a selection of them) has blood tested negative for Ovine Progressive Pneumonia (OPP) in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018. No sheep has ever tested positive for OPP within our flock.  We will continue to test every flock member for OPP as recommended.  The OPPCSBS guidelines are available at www.oppsociety.org.Ask us for the test results, we are happy to share them. We have never had a case of CL, Johnes (full blood tests done in 2018 on flock individuals), foot rot, toxoplasmosis, pink eye or sore mouth in our flock. We have DNA test results for our flock’s scrapie resistance and offer lambs for sale with these genes (known as the R gene). As a buyer you can be sure you are getting the highest quality disease free breeding stock with a Point of View Farm Finnsheep.

Our goal is to care for our flock as nature intended so the sheep can lead a happy and healthy life. The sheep are outside or have access to the out of doors 24/7. The pastures are never ever treated with pesticides/ herbicides or fertilized with anything other than compost from our own farm. Undesirable plants are removed by hand. We rotate the flock onto new pasture frequently during the grazing season, often every week and sometimes every few days. When not grazing the lush pastures, the sheep are fed locally grown hay. During late gestation and early lactation (8 weeks) the ewes are fed alfalfa hay and custom blended organic or non GMO whole grains as required to meet the energy and protein requirements necessary to raise their multiple lambs.

Point of View farm is run by The Wilson family. They have both worked as professionals in real estate management, marketing business consulting and most recently general contractors in the green home building industry. Today, the Wilson’s have shifted more of their focus to the Point of View Farm Finnsheep Flock, promoting the multiple products the flock produces and generations of successful bloodlines.  CaraLeigh is a certified American Sheep Industry wool classer and also completed the advanced training in the SCG system to class all fibers.  Sten has many years experience in the building, contracting and excavating fields.  He is available by for farm consultations to help you design and implement your farm infrastructure.

“Finnsheep are a versatile and amazing heritage breed that produces so many wonderful products from soft wool to delicious plentiful milk. Finnsheep lamb meat is unrivaled in taste, texture and tenderness. Their ability to be profitable in many markets has made them very popular with a variety of customers.”

If you want to know more about how we care for our flock and care for the farm they (and we) call home, we would be more than happy to tell you. Please set up an appointment.  We love to talk about Finnsheep!


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