Natural Brown FINNSHEEP Worsted Weight Wool Yarn. 2+ oz, 125 yards.


This is a beautiful naturally brown finnsheep yarn from the rare Point of View Farm brown finnsheep.  It is a worsted weight 2 ply, 150 yards.   It should knit well on US 7-9 needles at about 16-20 stitchers per 4″.  WPI=9

The finnsheep wool in this yarn was raised on my farm by the Point of View Farm Finnsheep ewes who are specifically selected for top quality fiber to produce the most luxurious of yarns. The flock is pasture raised in the Hudson Valley region of New York and given the upmost in care and love. We know happy healthy sheep produce beautiful fiber. This wool was spun into yarn at a small US mill.

The Point of View Finnsheep flock is raised as naturally as possible. That means we never dip our sheep in or use pour pesticides on them. The pastures they graze are never treated with chemicals other than compost from our own farm. The mill uses mild soaps to clean the wool and not harsh detergents. This keeps the wool soft, lofty and 'healthy' for your special project.

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