Farm to Feet FINNSHEEP Lightweight Wool Ankle Socks – Ladies & Mens


Point of View Farm Finnsheep Wool Anklet Socks are here!

Our lightweight wool anklet sock are comfortable to wear in almost any shoe. USA made with 100% Hudson Valley, NY grown wool. Wool socks are very breathable and resist odors.

Inspired by love, these socks are made with wool from purebred Point of View Farm Finnsheep. Our Finnsheep wool is carefully shorn, sorted and delivered to and our socks made at a local USA mill. Point of View Farm Socks are custom made to our specifications. Farm to Feet Finnsheep Lightweight Wool Anklet Socks are made with 70% Point of View Farm Wool, and 30% nylon for longevity. All of our sock wool is naturally colored and uses no dyes. Made with wool from special Finnsheep that are bred, born and raised all naturally and humanely on grass pastures at Point of View Farm. Enjoy!